When everything is 100% automatic, you don’t need to manually trade anymore.


Unlike our competitors, we back our claims with verified proof.

 3 steps to trade 

Trading is easy as 1-2-3. 

 step 1 

 Pick your broker 

You have the freedom to select any broker you want. We have our best recommended brokers list.

 step 2 


Installation of our robot takes 5 minutes on your computer. A PDF guide is given to you after purchase.

 step 3 

 earn profits 

You can install your broker’s application on your phone. It will tell you how much profits you’ve made with your robot.

robot trading

Are you new to forex? Are you experienced but don’t have the time to manual trade? Algorithm trading is the revolution of our era because it takes away any emotions. The robot takes advantage of real-time opportunities to minimize your risk, and maximize your returns.

Compatible with any forex broker


Our robot has proven to be the best over the past 14 years! Our verified track record speaks for itself and sets us apart from the competition.


why ea crown?

Because this robot is built on a sophisticated strategy that has been hard tested since 2010.

we invest in our own robot

✓ EA Crown manages our own real funds through MyFxBook.

✓ No hidden information. Track the growth and drawdown.

✓ Smart risk management.

✓ Performance is always up-to-date.

✓ Trade with any broker

myfxbook verified


MyFxBook is a highly trusted source for verified trades. It’s a website where you connect your own trading account to show the real performance. 

built in features


EA CROWN trades with 17 different forex pairs for optimal diversification of your account!


EA CROWN uses an extremely smart strategy by following the market trend. Remember that trend is always your friend.

Backtest Proof

EA CROWN has withstood an impressive 14 years of backtest! Less than 1% of the robots can do this type of achievement!

 smart profits 

We are at the top when it comes to investment.

ea crown is easily at the top!

Each year, we try to achieve 60% growth.

Each month, we try to achieve 5% growth.

Compound your gains and get over 1,000% profit in 5 years!

Risk management is key.

Success relies in diversification.

Patience becomes natural.

be a king today

Pick your plan


The payment process is fast and secure. The robot is automatically delivered to your email after purchase! We are here to support you for any help or questions!

Profit on 100% autopilot

5 minutes installation

Free future updates

MyFxBook verified

24/7 support

Trusted by 2000+ clients

Drawdown tracker

14 years of solid backtest

Diversification for safety purposes

2 Competitive plans


FOREX KINGZ is a bundle of robots/algorithms/softwares that were created to help forex traders become profitable.

Forex trading is the biggest market in the world. It provides the flexibility to trade any currency online with the right broker. Plus, it gives the freedom of trading from your home or virtually anywhere you like. 

Not at all. We provide all the tools you need with very clear instructions on how to start your forex journey. We have a dedicated support team for any help you may need. 

We recommend a minimum of $1,000 to start trading. The number one rule is the following: The most you can afford to risk is what we recommend you to start with. Never trade with money you can’t afford to lose!

A broker is a company that offers you leverage to allow you to trade with your own money.

Yes, you can use any broker as long as your country allows forex trading. Please ask your broker before registering if your country is allowed.

With forex trading, you can leverage your trades up to 300-500 times the equity of your account. With our forex robot, we try to aim between 5% and 10% profit per month.

After registering and completing your account with your broker, you are ready to trade with your live account.

Ideally, you would need to get a VPS from any company to safely run the robot on a virtual computer without any interruptions. If you decide to run the robot on your own computer, it’s possible but not recommended.

You will only need a computer and a broker to start trading. Renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is even better to prevent any disconnections when using our forex robot.

You need to follow our PDF 5 minutes installation guide. If you have any issues, you can always contact us at support@forexkingz.com

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