Official Release

FX JAPANESE ROBOTS is officially live! 

🎉  Official Release of FJR Website! 🎉
I’m extremely happy to announce that FX JAPANESE ROBOTS has an official website now!
Based on many requests from members, here’s all the goodies you asked for:
🎁  I’m giving a 50% discount on all subscriptions/licenses!
For a subscription license, use at checkout coupon code: FJR50
For a lifetime license, use at checkout coupon code: FJR50D
This promotion ends Friday 15 January 2022.
📈 You can now have access to VIP discord signals on 4 different instruments: 14 forex pairs, 2 metals, 3 commodities and 4 cryptos.
When you subscribe, you get to join the VIP chat for the signals. You also get the VIP badge next to your Discord name.
📊 You can now get private access to 4 X indicators in TradingView: Pro Signals X, Market Analysis X, Trend Meter X and Trend Line X.
💬 You can now create a ticket support anytime through my website to make sure that your specific question does get answered.
📥 There will be very soon a suggestion page on my website where you can submit a feature request for my robots/indicators etc. You can vote for the ones you would like to be considered for future development and the ones that gets the most votes will be accepted for release.
I’m excited for this section because everyone can participate and be part of something great!

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