Etoro Broker Review 85


eToro is a social trading and Investing company that allows its users to make their own trades by watching the financial trading activity of other users and copy them. The company is fully authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom.

According to the official website of eToro, it is the first global marketplace for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and CFD stocks online in a simple, transparent and more enjoyable way.
In a rough estimate, almost 4.5 million users in more than 170 countries worldwide prefer using eToro to manage their funds through their innovative online investment platforms and active trading community, with hundreds of new accounts being created every day.
As per the official website, eToro’s vision is to become the first global marketplace for all people to invest and manage their funds in a simple and transparent way.
Striving to be the best amongst the best, they aim to maintain the world’s largest and most trusted investment network. It is designed to financially empower individual investors through a simple, innovative trading platform. It also makes traders connect with an active social trading community.


Advantages of Joining eToro’s Platform

Let’s briefly outline some main advantages of joining eToro’s platform;

Global Marketplace

Traders can connect with other traders across the globe by registering at the eToro platform in order to trade and invest in a wide range of globalized assets, from currencies like euros, dollars and yen to commodities like gold and silver and indices like the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and FTSE.

Designed for Simplicity

The simple design and user-friendly layout of the Etoro social trading platform makes the financial market easier to access than ever before. At the company’s social trading platform, a focused approach is what makes people love them and makes the user experience more enjoyable. They aim to put the customer experience at the centre of their design and doing everything they can, to make sure that every customer visiting once wishes to visit over and over again.

An open Investment Network

It is an open network of traders that anyone can join, and where they can share their experiences, learn new innovative tips and tricks to the trade, copy the trades of other experienced traders, interact with the people coming from different backgrounds and cultures and also compete with one another in a positive environment. Their fundamental belief is that, as traders. it is way better together than apart. The company’s vision is to enable every investor to leverage the power of the investing community however they choose.

Personal Financial Empowerment

The company provides personal recognition and financial empowerment to every investor who joins them. They respect and support their traders. They provide them with the recognition of their fellow traders within their community and strive to spread the recognition to other social networks of their choice.

Reliable Brokers

In trading, choosing a reliable broker has always been a point of concern, it is equally as important as ROI itself. To keep this need in check, eToro offers its own custom-built trading platform as well as brokerage services. This means traders don’t need to join third-party brokers at eToro.


Remaining fully transparent, they try to build a trusted relationship between them and customers. Trust means that they are a reliable and regulated company. The company acts in the best interest of its customers and would do anything to make its customer experience memorable.

Trial offer

Everybody knows that trading involves a high degree of risk and the credibility of brokers involved is yet another fear that makes clients feel insecure. eToro has changed this perception 180 degrees. Offering their own brokerage service as well as an in-house platform, they even allow a life-time demo evaluation for free. The clients can go for a demo account, understand the platform and then consider going real.

Best Features

Extra credits are given to traders at the time of their initial deposit, in order to enhance their trading experience and portfolio.
There is a feature named as Copy Stop Loss (CSL), that make traders manage their trades effectively by providing risk management across each copy’s relationships, based on real time Profit/Loss values.
All-time customer support is available to assist traders understanding live charts, opening or closing trades, setting up a trade, viewing the history or explaining how to use a trading platform.
A complete guide with a detailed explanation about the features of eToro trading platform is available at the company’s official website and can be downloaded anytime.
If the automation mode is chosen, traders don’t need to spend a single minute on trading, since the trades are performed manually by expert host traders and are then copied to the members’ accounts.
To make traders learn more about trading eToro offers, a trading academy that includes webinars, education centre, e-courses and trading tips. Traders can register for online webinars by accessing the education tab at the company’s website.

Deposits/ Withdrawals

The company offers a range of methods for payments and withdrawals that include but not limited to Skrill, PayPal, Netteller, credit card, debit card and wire transfers.

Customer Support

Great customer support is available at the eToro social trading platform. Well versed, professional staff is available around the clock to assist traders. Traders can contact them via different modes of communication that include live web chat, telephone and email. They may also use an online contact form to contact them.


Today’s world has been saturated with dozens of social trading platforms. It has now become difficult for the traders to choose the best social trading platform. Anyhow, we researched and investigated the eToro trading platform thoroughly and found them to be one of the best choices available for traders when it comes to choosing a social platform. Besides having great features and services, they also ensure maximum customer satisfaction by offering all-time available customer support. We advise traders to come and join them with full confidence, and to enjoy the great services along with the maximization of their capital.